As a well experienced broker in the global food chain, Glenmex has diversified its operations and gotten involved in the global rice business. We are procuring the finest quality of rice varieties available in Asia, mainly from rice producing countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

At Glenmex, we consider quality control to be important for our business, and have implemented quality control measures at various stages of the production, packaging and shipment process. Our attention to our rice quality is evident from the fact that our inspectors closely monitor the quality of rice at the time of packing and shipping. No effort is spared to ensure that the rice that is traded by us is of the best quality, and is fully protected against all possible hazards during its journey before it reaches the consumer.

With our expertise of rice varieties and markets, we are able to offer the most competitive rates to our clients. We believe in long term business relationships, and deliver quality rice shipments to importers, distributors, millers and pre-packers from every part of the world. Our business strength lies in our procurement and distribution channels in various parts of the world.

Rice from major producing countries

Origin Fragrant Rice Non Fragrant Rice By Process
India Traditional Basmati, Pusa Basmati, 1121 Basmati,

Sugandha, Sharbati, Gobindobhog,

Brown Basmati Raw

IR64, PR 11 Long Grain, IR 36, PR 106,

Swarna, Sona Masoori Medium Grain

Raw, Steamed, Sella and Golden Sella,


Vietnam Nag Hoa, Jasmin ST21, Khaw Dak Mali, DT8,

Brown Fragrant

Long Grain ST 20, ST24, ST25,  504, 5451, 6976

Glutinous, Japonica

Raw, Boiled
Pakistan Traditional Super Kernel, 2111, PK 385,

D98 Basmati

Long Grain IRRI6, IRRI9, 386 Raw, Steamed, Sella and Golden Sella, Parboiled
Thailand Hom Mali Jasmine, Brown Jasmin Long Grain Khao Leuang Patew Chumphon, Khao Jek Chuey Sao Hai

Glutinous Khao Wong Kalasin,

Khao Niew Kiew Ngoo

Raw, Boiled
Myanmar Emata Long Grain

Paw San Medium Grain

Ngasein Short Grain

Raw, Parboiled
Cambodia Phka Malis, Sen Kra Oub Long Grain Phka Knhey, NeangKhon, IR Raw, Boiled