Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Conducting business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner must be embedded in every aspect of our business.

We recognise that how and what we do to achieve our success, is just as important as success itself. Upholding high standards of behaviour is fundamental to the values and culture of Glenmex, and central to earning and maintaining the trust of our investors, customers, suppliers, employees, communities and other partners.

To strengthen our ethical and compliance standards, we have established the Glenmex Ethical Business Programme. This sets out the standards and behaviours firmly expected, which are detailed in the Glenmex Code of Conduct, as well as our specific policies.

This policy has been defined as a reference point for establishing and reviewing our company goals for consistent improvement. Our company is committed to promoting and implementing the policy throughout the corporate structure, and to increasing awareness by involving and consulting all employee and third party stakeholders.

Our company manages all the operations of sourcing, marketing, trading and supply of all the commodities, in accordance with relevant domestic legislation and laws in all areas where we conduct business and also international standards and ethical principles, whether we are directly or indirectly responsible. We comply with all requests issued by regulatory authorities in our origination and destination markets.

All our employees receive training, whatever their contractual situation, so as to ensure their awareness, responsibility and involvement in contributing to the quality, health, safety and environmental continuous improvement process.

Our aim is to reduce to zero all critical deviations, accidents and occupational diseases. We aim to create a safe and healthy workplace and we take preventive care of the health and welfare of our employees.

We manage all residual risks and their potential impact on our employees, on the environment and on the end-users of our products. We are constantly updating our improvement plans.

In our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental System, we define specific standards, procedure and methods aimed at regulating our activities and the ones of all those concerned both internally or externally ( i.e., contractors, suppliers etc)

We assure that the conditions of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System are an integral part of our operational processes. We ensure that adequate means and resources are made available to enforce our Policy and achieve our goals.

The Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure that it is fit and appropriate for the company organization. The company makes no exemption to the enforcement of this Policy, nor in the application of the company Quality Assurance Policy and Health, Safety and Environment Standards.