Organic phosphorus fertilizers come primarily from mineral sources which are cheaper and last longer in the soil. It is needed for root development; stem formation and fruiting of the plants. Our portfolio of Phosphates includes:

Di Ammonium Phosphate: Di Ammonium Phosphate is formulated in a controlled reaction of phosphoric acid with ammonia. It’s high nutrient content and excellent physical properties make it a popular choice in farming and other industries.

Mono Ammonium Phosphate: Mono Ammonium Phosphate is a fully water-soluble fertilizer and an efficient source of Phosphate and Nitrogen for plants.

Triple Super Phosphate: Triple superphosphate is a fertilizer produced by the action of ground phosphate rock with concentrated phosphoric acid. It is normally applied to plants which are grown in soils with low or average levels of phosphorus.

Single Super Phosphate: Single Super Phosphate is produced by reacting naturally occurring phosphate rock with sulphuric acid. This transforms insoluble phosphates into an easily soluble natural fertilizer.