Maritime Trade

Glenmex carrying entrusted cargos reliably and efficiently to smooth sailing across the supply chain. Glenmex shipping facilitates the movement of bulk cargos responsibly to ensure the best service possible for all our clients.

Glenmex Maritime provides reliable and excellent operational standards for the carriage of cargo across the chain of all touchpoints, ensuring execution efficacy and control. The shipping team currently handles the volume for clients, supporting logistical services through managing freight for dry cargo. The chartering desk works on different charters for moving cargo, providing support to the trading desk. We mitigate risk volatility using the expert advice of professionals in the business. Glenmex is dedicated to a customer-centric solution to help businesses succeed. We understand the vital link between the journey of traders and consumers.

Glenmex Shipping advances towards becoming a top dry bulk operator while continuing to ship a wide range of agricultural commodities. We organise intermodal transport in USA, Europe and China to deliver your commodities to your warehouses.

Glenmex Shipping facilitates the movement of bulk cargos responsibly to ensure the best service possible for all our clients. The objective is to expand its fleet in the dry bulk sector and to remain competitive whilst sustaining business growth. The chartering desk providing flexible solutions while being able to customize and adapt based on the requirements of clients. Equally, our understanding of logistics, and pan-country and continental issues provides opportunities for diverse supplier and client solutions while ensuring the best standards are adhered to, ultimately adding value to the entire supply chain. Our commitment to transparency and clear communication has enabled us to build long-standing relationships. The unique know-how of logistics in special markets enables us to provide innovative solutions and opportunities, offering customized solutions suited to the needs of our counterparts.

A variety of vessels that ensures optimum flexibility in operations.

Dry Bulk Vessels of various size, Handysize, Handymax, Supramax, Ultramax, Panamax, Kamsarmax, Post-Panamax, Capesize

Tanker vessels of various size, Handysize, Medium Range tanker, Long Range 1, Long Range 2, Very Large Crude Carrier, Ultra Large Crude Carrier

Container vessels of various size, Feeder, Intermediate, Neo-Panamax, Post-Panamax


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