Global Agri Products

We procure and market grains, seeds and feed meal with a focus on oil, rice, sugar and maize but increasingly wheat, sorghum, soybeans, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, guar meal and raw cotton. We source agricultural commodities from almost all major producing countries like Argentina, Brail, USA, Canada, India, Australia, Ukraine, Russia and African Countries too.

Our Agricultural products procurement services product line consist of

Grains (Rice, Maize, Wheat, Sorghum)
Feed Ingredients (Soybean meal, Sunflower meal, Rapeseed Meal, De Oiled Rice Bran, Guar Meal, Cottonseed meal, Peanut Meal)
Edible Oils (Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Peanut Oil)
Sugar (Raw Sugar, White Sugar, Refined Sugar)
Raw Cotton (Cotton lint)