Fair Trade Policy

Glenmex’s fair trade price policy comes under the fair trade standards, which stipulate that it is fair pricing, right qualities and deliveries of right products. Our dairtrade policies makes changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers, consumers and workers in developing countries.

Our company is fully committed to transparent, fair and responsible trading. We are focused to ensure that our business has a positive impact on the producers at the end of the chain. This is achieved through continuous improvement and innovation of new ways of creating optimum value for our producer communities; together with sound environmental stewardship.

As a group, we believe in secure, long-term partnerships with our customers. We guarantee fair and stable prices to support sustainable production and the creation of opportunities for re-investment into the local communities. We aim to offer our customers across the world superior value, cost effective solutions and unparalleled professional service.

At Glenmex, we are uniquely positioned to oversee all the end-to-end aspects of the commodity transaction cycle, from working on the ground and establishing relationships of mutual trust with local producer partners and communities to confirming and ensuring all legal compliance requirements for international trading in a context where it is essential to guarantee the interests of both producer partner and clients.