Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Glenmex is focused on helping communities we work with in elevating quality of life. We are committed to creation and strengthening of education, health and environmental conservation in the communities which we work.

Our company has voluntarily chosen to recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by agreeing to the values outlined in this CSR Charter.

We share commitment to the core principles of CSR and a vision for the way forward.

We agree to:

i. Provide leadership
Ultimate responsibility for this CSR charter rests with leadership in Glenmex Group. We assign clear responsibilities, resources and leadership roles for addressing CSR and we promote CSR within our spheres of influence.

ii. Integrate CSR into our organizational strategy and operations
CSR is about the principles by which we conduct our business. Due to the varying nature and needs of our businesses, we implement policies and programs relevant to our workplace, marketplace, community and environment with respect to local considerations and in line with our global values.

We aspire to:

iii. Engage with our partners
Our partners play a fundamental role in our success. We strive to engage with our partners in the workplace, marketplace, supply chain, community and in matters relating to public policy.

iv. Communicate CSR
Transparency and accountability in respect to CSR are fundamental to our internal and external stakeholders. We strive to communicate to our partners in a manner both relevant and appropriate to our business.