Care with Integrity

Being Glenmex Naturlich,

We would like to take opportunity to welcome you to the Glenmex Naturlich.

Glenmex Naturlich is a global company engaged in Brokering and International trading of Peanuts, Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Soybeans and Coffee Beans, satisfying the most demanding global markets. Consequently, we consider ourselves to be fully qualified to comply with the expectations set forth by our wholesalers, confectioners and entrepreneurs from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Our company was established in 2004 as a Brokering and Trading firm, started with trading of Peanuts and Rice, we gradually increased trading in Sugar, Wheat, Soybeans and Coffee Beans. Today, Glenmex proudly hold the leading exporter title in many origins and set benchmarks in the industry across the borders.

It requires passion, uncompromising dedication, commitment and an unrelenting work to settle for nothing less than the best. Glenmex agri-commodities business has grown up by strong foundation to being the market leader across the world, driven by the passion to live up to our name. However, just offering the finest products isn’t enough for us as our research and development team constantly explores and accomplish new market requirements to delight and surprise our customers. We aim to ensure customers’ needs, safety and satisfaction by providing excellent services and products.

We operate from India, Brazil, China, Vietnam and Africa and supply our products from various origins especially from Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sudan, Benin, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, USA and Canada.

Phenomenal service

Glenmex works with distinct customers to establish long-standing relationships built on trust and reliability. As a result, we can deliver excellent service across all divisions. At the core of any organization are the management systems and practices that underpin its operations and ensure success. This include procuring, trading, logistics, quality control, technical support, research and development all of which guarantee superior customer service at every level. In partnership with suppliers from different corners of the globe, our team can source the best quality products all year round, for unrivalled customer satisfaction. All shipments are pre-inspected during production and prior to shipment by our own staff, with independent certification