About us

Rice Harvest

As global industry leaders in agricultural commodities, natural resources, organic chemicals and shipping Business, Glenmex continues to leave its mark through viability and virtuous standards.

Glenmex provides a strategic platform for integrated global sourcing of commodities, shipping & logistics, risk management, and value added supply solutions for global agricultural commodities, mineral resources and organic chemicals & fertillizers; effectively helping to bring equilibrium between supply and demand. We provide a wide range of bulk commodities to world markets. Our networks and services enable us to maintain a strong position in the bulk commodities trading market. Our specially dedicated commodity sourcing, shipping and logistics business divisions offers maximum flexibility and complements our capacities for managing complex logistical operations involved in moving bulk commodities from the point of production or supply to global destinations where they are demanded most. In doing this, we efficiently move bulk raw materials and finished products from where they are produced in abundance or stored to areas across the world where they are demanded most.

Glenmex, the International trade business specialist, as a passionate team of experienced and dedicated experts; who proudly carry on the tradition for modernisation, innovation, inspiration and professional excellence. Established in 2001, a solution provider to International customers faced with interrupted supply and inconsistent quality and service­ability due to unsustainable trading methods caused by a large number of small scale traders and old fashioned trading schemes in so many regions lacking professional companies in different sectors on industry.

Our group companies and activities

Glenmex Naturlich
– Providing global food, feed, fibre, fertilizer, mineral & energy resources

Glenmex Maritime
– Global point of origin to point of consumption Shipping and Logistics Services

The group having presence in India, Vietnam, China, Sudan and Benin. With expertise and inherited experience, we specialize in agricultural commodities for human and animal consumption, minerals and energy resources for large scale industries, fertilizers for agricultural industry, managing the entire supply chain for commodity businesses. As our organization is deeply rooted in ethical business standards, we undertake all global trading practices by being cognizant of what we can deliver in the most efficient and righteous way.

We honour our commitments and are dedicated to doing what we believe in while being aware of our promise to deliver what we commit to.

We consistently live out our values with honesty, sincerity, loyalty and respect as we commit to doing what is integral and right.

We value our trade partners and accord them the highest respect, consideration and goodwill.

Passion and heart is what guides us on our journey to success, living out our values and working together towards achieving superior results.