A global intermediation and brokerage firm for bulk agricultural commodities

Glenmex, with its peak of experience, has emerged as a trusted name. We are oriented to the intermediation and brokerage of grains and sugar international trade between companies. We believe to deliver sufficiently and efficiently to the ever-demanding needs of the agri commodities industry by linking international value chain that extends from producer to consumer.

Glenmex is specialised in sourcing globally of wide varieties of food grains, cereals and sugar products; both farmer dressed and value added. Glenmex has been growing rapidly since its inception.

Our top-tier approach to agri commodities business allows us to consistently provide quality products to our customers in various continents.

Our Products and Services

Why Choose Us?

People who know Agriculture better. Glenmex, the Agri products business specialist, as a passionate team of experienced and dedicated experts; who proudly carry on the tradition for modernisation, innovation, inspiration and professional excellence. Established in 2004, a solution provider to customers faced with interrupted supply and inconsistent quality and serviceĀ­ability due to unsustainable trading methods caused by a large number of small scale traders and old fashioned trading schemes in so many regions lacking professional companies in different sectors on industry.

Wide Range of Agricultural Commodities

Glenmex is fully organised private company, oriented to the intermediation and brokerage of Rice, Sugar, Corn, Wheat and Soybean international trade between companies.

Main Markets

Reaching out from Asia to Global market makes us more diversified with the varieties and range of products and services that we offer.

Experienced Traders Handling Specific Products

With individual personnel and team appointed for specific product, gives more focus to maximise the potential of the product.