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Glenmex Naturlich is global integrated agriproducts procurement, shipping and logistics platform focused on sourcing, supply and shipping of Rice, Corn and Sugar. Along with competitive sourcing of agriproducts, we operate break bulk shipping routes combined with in-port logistics solutions covering chartering and operations.

With over two decades experience in rice, corn and sugar trade, Glenmex Naturlich is committed to bring best services to its client’s with competitive prices, timely and smooth deliveries.

Our customers benefit from the combination of a dedicated team and a network of prime logistic partners. We are regarded as a trustful and dependable counter-party at every stage of the supply chain.


Glenmex Naturlich’s services of procurement, sourcing of agriproducts and break bulk commodities shipping is rooted in our noble intentions to create sustainable opportunities for business development for our customers and our partners. Our fundamental corporate strategy is founded upon the need to develop better ways to effect positive change for our partners and customers; for their industries and for the world. Our services consist of

Sourcing of Agriproducts
Dry Bulk Carrier Operating
Ocean Freight Forwarding

Ship Chrtering
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Glenmex is committed to leadership in responsibility and sustainability.

Our company seeks to uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour and transparency in all our business undertakings. We provide high quality services and are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, communities and environment.

Glenmex follow policies that makes us to contribute actively in Environmental protection, Social development and economical sustainability.

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