Glenmex is global integrated commodities sourcing, shipping and risk management company, your trusted global partner for integrated supply chain. Since the company was established in 2004, it has continued to transform and to grow responsibly – both from a social and environmental sustainability perspective and in the commercial sense.

We specialize in procuring, originating, commercialising, and shipping primarily agricultural commodities, minerals and energy resources globally, with a focus on the Asia, Africa and South America continents. Our customers benefit from the combination of a dedicated team and a network of prime suppliers, financial institutions and logistic partners.

We do not simply sell products but strive to be a reliable and efficient partner that will give market advice as to when and what to buy in order get the best value exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with all of our trading partners.

Today, Glenmex is regarded as a trustful and dependable counter-party at every stage of the value chain. The company engaged in commodities trading and maritime trade primarily.

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Global Commodities


Maritime Trade

Integrated commodities sourcing and supply solutions for food, feed, fiber, minerals and energy resources

Integrated shipping and logistics services which include ship chartering, ship broking and supply management

Your One-Step Solution

Procure at best possible prices 
Obtaining goods and services, at best possible prices on the date whether it is fixed-spot price contracts, costs-plus contract or future contracts. Important inputs and research for companies leading up to their final purchasing decision.

Exemplary services 
Discover commodities directly from farmers, processors and miners. Get ocean freight directly from shipping companies steamship lines, shortest transit, fastest booking and digital tracking and shipment management.

Cost effective shipping
Compare and select the best freight deals from more than one thousand ship owners and more than hundred of leading ocean lines and non vessel owning common carriers.

Minimise trade risks
Our team assist you planning your trades, investments, research, mitigate trading risks and bring best possible sales and purchase distribution product basket to you.

Get delivered to your point of consumption from point of origin
From any point of origin of the commodities, our logistics teams and partners bring it to your warehouses at best possible prices and time frame.

Track your orders and consignments
Track contracts and bookings on multiple shipping lines at one place with regular updates on mails and platform.

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