Who we are?

People Who Know Agriculture Better. Glenmex Naturlich, The Agri Business specialist, as a passionate team of experienced and dedicated experts who proudly carry on the tradition for modernization, innovation, inspiration and professional excellence, was established when our company began in 2004 by Mr. Dinesh Kanani, a solution provider to the customers faced with interrupted supply and inconsistent quality and service­ability due to unsustainable trading methods caused by large number of small scale traders and old fashioned trading schemes in so many regions lacking professional companies in agri-food business sector.

The trust and integrity among the team Glenmex worked as a perfect foundation for a series of success stories which today we are immensely proud of, due not only to experiences gained in our focused industry but also to the reputation gained for our unique corporate values: friendly and open work environment, honest and moral work conduct with all our partners. With over one and half decades of experience in this field of business, Glenmex is Processor, Supplier and Trader of Penauts, Treenuts, Seeds, Spices, Edible Oils, and Beans from all over the world, making sure that you’re getting the best quality at a fairest price.

Why we matter?

We have helped scores of brands improve their front lines across a variety of industries, from the agricultural industry to the production and trading sectors. With more than 13 years of experience in importing and exporting agricultural products, we have the best tools in the trade to help you improve your business. Glenmex Naturlich is a core key between farm and food. We are a community of purpose-driven employees shaping the agri-food industry with the combination of dedication and experience. By leading high-growth product categories including plant-based farming, organic products and exporting other nutritious nuts, we give more people better access to the foods they love.


We are a cavalcade of passionate youngsters who believe in attaining goals collectively and
collaboratively. We believe in developing processes, adding value to the product and continually strive for the improvement in processes. We study price trend movements in the global market and conduct significant research on statistical data. People want to work at Glenmex because we are creating the kind of company that we can all be proud of, a place where we work to develop unique solutions to meet our client’s needs.


Glenmex, a key chain between farm to food, isn’t just about providing quality products; it is also about doing it in a way that is good for people, our communities and the planet. Our constant efforts of 15 years enabled us to improve our quality standards using the innovation in Industry providing one of the best quality peanuts. We continue to strive towards perfection in quality and services with our immense experience.


Our vision is to become one of the successful leaders in the global peanut industry, starting from farming and all the way to serving the food, mission of Glenmex is to meet all customers’ product specifications, provide truly effective and efficient customer support while maintaining competitive market pricing and to become customers' most trusted brand through the service we provide.


It is an everyday mission, to outdo our previous accomplishments, set goals that none before us has achieved, push ourselves beyond the limits and inspire each other with our professional working techniques and innovations. We strive to achieve this by providing satisfaction and quality assurance to our consumers, offer a working environment that inspires trust and loyalty in-between people and participate in dynamic activities to maintain high standard accomplishments in our business.

Unprecedented reach

Glenmex is a global suppling enterprise exporting throughout Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. As an international logistics and trading hub, coupled with our premium service, diverse facilities in various parts, gives our company a comprehensive distribution network and unrivalled access to world markets.

Phenomenal service

Glenmex works with distinct customers to establish long-standing relationships built on trust and reliability. As a result, we can deliver excellent service across all divisions. At the core of any organization are the management systems and practices that underpin its operations and ensure success. This include trading, logistics, quality control, technical support, research and development all of which guarantee superior customer service at every level. In partnership with suppliers from different corners of the globe, our team can source the best quality products all year round, for unrivalled customer satisfaction. All shipments are pre-inspected during production and prior to shipment by our own staff, with independent certification

Product Categories

Our hand-picked selection, Machines Cleaned and Sorted Peanuts, Treenuts, Spices and Bean come in numerous packaging options ensuring that we are able to fulfill your requirements. We aim to reach the price points necessary in your business to support your customer retention and growth.

We have helped numerous importers, processors, traders and brands grow their product range:



Tree Nuts


Peanut Oil Slider

Edible Oils

Glenmex Naturlich will assist you to purchase, develop, distribute or match specialised and bulk Penauts, Treenuts, Seeds, Spices, Edible Oils and Beans products imports from all corners of the globe from best processors. Our vision is to be the best priced international food distributor with the best choice of products available on the market. Owing to our 15 year long experience in intention trade and production, we will assist you in developing ranges, from product research, to specification, through to regulatory compliance, import procedure, logistics operations, and distribution in the market.